GlowGolf ®  is a themed 18 hole black light minigolf - miniaturegolf -course, which is fun for family-orientated activities, But also very suitable for groups-activities such as businessevents, bachelor- and kidsparties. The  playability is excellent for kids up to 4 years but they are also challenging  for adults.

This concept has proven itselves already for years in the United States and Canada.

In Europa this new leisure-concept is booming which can bring you excellent financial results.

GlowGolf ® in a nutshell

GlowGolf ® black light minigolf - miniaturegolf - is played indoor in a surrounding with black light. Every minigolfcourse - miniaturegolfcourse - has its own theme such as for example Pirates, Dino, Sports, Jungle, Around the World etc. Every theme you can imagine is possible. Minigolf is not only an enjoyable group-activity; It is a total "wow" experience through the various number of props on the course and by the fantastic fluorescent  "air-brushed" painted  walls. The total experience is of-course supported by music compliant with the theme you choose (free of rights).

You feel the excitement and adventure if you play a round of GlowGolf

Advantages and revenues of GlowGolf®

Of course you can play GlowGolf year around, because it is an indoor activity. By using good materials - built up through our experience of many years - maintenance is limited to a minimum. Compared with other leisure-activities we can say your payroll is low.

By a sophisticated course-design - on basis of your location - we can realize a maximum flow of players which will result in generating optimal revenues.

Besides that, we have developped in cooperation with Teqa-software a special online-web-based-reservations system for GlowGolf, which give your guests on line information about availability, reduce your payroll substantially. Above that the system offers the operator a lot of marketing-tools

Costum Made

Within the concept we offer of course custom made work for every location. Within the frame of GlowGolf we can work out  a lot of your ideas which you have as an operator.



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